Laugh out loud

Let’s say this is a small compendium of funny videos (you’ll either laugh out loud with tears, simply smile at others or feel their pain at some):

1. the bicycle has more determination than the biker


2. it’s a korean-english lesson about Cola


3. a cat and its rats


4. one greedy hamster and a fasting cat


5. compendium of some funny, some stupid, some painful (for them) scenes… and some all of that

Hope you enjoyed it!


Belarus Eurovision 2012

Прывітанне! Поспехі на Еўрабачанні 2012!

Litesound will represent Belarus in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan, with the song “We Are The Heroes”.

This one is my final selection out of all the participants. You can check out my other choices for the Eurovision 2012 title here.