Hold me, thrill me, kiss me

Mel Carter – Hold me, thrill me, kiss me (1965)

Awesome song… I just can’t get enough of it… it seems the original song is from 1952 by Karen Chandler, but this song was so popular that was later picked up by Mel Carter in 1965, Gloria Estefan in 1994 and one year later by the U2 band (1995); anyway, I consider Mel Carter’s version the greatest of them all… so enjoy this masterpiece of all ages.


Don’t know why but while I was on the bus today I just thought of the following trio:

O Zone – Dragostea din tei (original version)

O Zone – Dragostea din tei (English version)

Hyun Young – Noona’s Dream (Korean version of “Dragostea din tei”)